Recycling 101

Recycling aluminum saves energy and conserves natural resources. Recycling aluminum saves 95 percent of the energy needed to produce new metal from raw materials. Aluminum cans are 100% recyclable.
Other emissions such as greenhouse gases emissions are also avoided when aluminum is recycled. Recycling also converses natural resources by decreasing the demand for raw material required to make primary aluminum from ore. The recycling system serves as an “above ground” mine.

The amount of energy saved annually by recycling aluminum cans could supply the electrical needs for 100,000 homes for a full year.

The current recycling rate for aluminum cans is 51 percent in the U.S., which is the highest recycling rate of any packaging material.

There’s less pollution, less waste and it can be recycled over and over again. Recycling containers helps create a cleaner environment with less litter.

It’s a great way for everyone to help our environment. So let’s all do our part. Recycle aluminum cans and make money at the same time!

General Information and F.A.Q.

Current price paid for aluminum cans and other products. Current Pricing!!!

We accept whole or flatten cans.

It takes about 34 aluminum cans on average to make one pound.

all recycleables
Please keep all different types of recyclables in separate. Bags of aluminum cans only. Bags of plastic bottles only.

Please keep all trash, dirt, mud or water out of all your recyclables. Keep all recyclable cans or bottles clean and dry.

You can easily donate to your favorite charitable organization if they have Can Account setup with us.

What products do you take for recycling? Aluminum cans and plastic soft or water bottles marked with a number #1 PET only. Scrap aluminum like a screen door frame, baking pan and house siding or gutter. Copper like a piece of copper pipe, electrical wire and some cookware. Brass like sink faucets’, valves, piping and durable household items.

Sorry we do not take glass products.


Six recycling centers located around the metro area. Fast and friendly service to help you recycle your aluminum cans.
Open 6 days a week Mon- Friday 9 to 5 and Saturdays from 9-3.
We accept for recycling plastic soft drink and water bottle markedPET #1. We do not pay for plastic bottles.

We also purchase small amounts of non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper and brass at some locations.

Community Groups
Can Accounts Then your organization can have its members and bottledonators drop off cans at any six recycling centers. Then your group gets credit and money for the funds in your Can Account month after month.

Have a Can Drive. We can furnish a small trailer to help you and transportation.

Commercial Businesses
Pick up service for aluminum cans and plastic soft drink & water bottles. We provide all kinds of businesses from large to small are aluminum can pick up service regularly.

Commercial Recyclers
We have the services you need to purchase your UBC and get unloaded fast.
Our own onsite 80’ public truck scale.
Truck dumper system handles up to 48 foot trailers.
Payment upon delivery based on if certified.
Trans-loads accepted Baled, Brisket, Loose flattener cans.
Processor services available unloading services, transportation, warehousing and direct shipping services to the smelters.

Notice: We no longer accept Plastic bottles #1 PET.  The market for plastic bottles and other plastics is below a marketable price.  China a major importer of plastic for recycling has stopped accepting shipments from most sources.  

Newsletter: We have expanded our line of metal products we recycle.  At of our location 2215 South 26th Street we accept all types of metal for recycling.  We also accept lead acid batteries for recycling.  So cash in those old metal pots and pans as well as all the junk metal in your garage. Make some fast cash for the summer and help the emvironment as well.

Our 2212 Chandler Road location in Bellevue is closed.  Please visit us at 2215 South 26th Street. Two Miles North of Chandler on Interstate 480. Exit on Martha Street go one block east then turn left (North) onto 27th street then follow the road down the hill.  We sit directly under the Martha street bridge.

 Spring has arrived and it's time to clean out the garage and make room for the cars.  Can Pac buys aluminum cans, scrap metals like aluminum, copper, lead, batteries and brass. If it's metal and a magnet doesn't stick to it bring it to us to recycle.

Everyone should recycle all they can.

We make recycling easy for you so let us help you with your aluminum cans, plastic bottles and household small amounts of non-ferrous metals. We can help you or your group with its recycling program.   Call 402-346-2489 we can help you recycle.

Recyclers help America grow clean and green!

Can Pac Recycling, Inc. 

Recyclers do it again and again and again.